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Way to success

microphone in audiostudio

Ask the right questions

The process of presenting complex material in a podcast, for example is only effective when the host knows what to ask. This means understanding the material, understanding the guest and understanding the audience. With Technikon, we always know what to ask to make complex topics understood by a everyone.

audiostudio with mac microphone and speaker

Professional audio recording

It’s something we take seriously. So much so, that we made a substantial investment in building our own in-house recording studio. With the best tools in place, we are equipped to record voice overs, podcasts and film narration. And when we don’t have the luxury of working at home, we can easily operate in remote locations by utilizing our mobile studio. Either way, we constantly strive for the best quality possible.

Books pen and paper

Story editing

We know that boring technical presentations are the downfall of many scientific dissemination activities but we also know that the information has to get out there…somehow. We have found that the right balance between too much technical information and not enough is a little tricky. Our experience in this area allows us to create compelling stories out of complex topics to explain your ideas and innovations.


Interview people

Voices matter - we interview top-notch engineers from market-leading companies to give our audience a glimpse behind the scenes of science and innovation. Being connected to the industry leaders gives our media productions a depth which could otherwise be lost.

hand drawn video concept

Visualize complexity

Have you seen enough of stock-graphics? We get it and we can help. We know that your content has to be as individualized as your product or service. We’ve become experts in expressing a thought, idea or concept visually. From script design to the publication process, we are well versed in guiding the process.


Live-Action Footage mixed with animations

View our video: mGov4EU H2020 – Impact

Enhance your live-action video footage with animations.

video screenshot ALFA

Video documentation and interviews

View our video: ALFA H2020 – System Demonstration

Document special system demonstrations and other events to disseminate your innovations.

video screenshot iPC

Full animation video

View our video: iPC H2020 – Squares off against Paediatric Cancer

Use animation to illustrate and easily explain your innovations and projects.


Podcast series

Listen to our podcast: EUVATION Podcast – Spotlight on European Innovation

You want to explain a topic in more detail? The widly popular podcast format offers the ideal solution.

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