• Facts:
    • Project name: PUFs: Anchors of Trust in Resource Constrained Environments
    • Project acronym: PATRIOT
    • Project Coordinator: Intrinsic-ID B.V.
    • Project start: Octobeer 2015
    • Project duration: 2 years

This project has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Project Partners:


PUFs: Anchors of Trust in Resource Constrained Environments


PATRIOT provides an alternative for outdated password-based security and costly secure elements. The solution is 2-factor authentication using unclonable hardware. For this, PUFs that provide unique fingerprints for chips and which have been vetted for government and defense use will be brought to mass consumer markets. PATRIOT will port PUFs to resource constrained devices that are popular among end-users (mobiles/wearables), where they will be used for strong authentication and key storage.


PATRIOTs characteristics:

  • Security solution: PATRIOT provides a security solution for our digital world, which is superior to existing solutions like passwords, biometrics, and secure elements.
  • Unclonable: Variations during manufacturing lead to unique characteristics on ICs. Since the variations are uncontrollable, these characteristics are unclonable.
  • 2-factor authentication system: PATRIOT will replace insecure passwords and biometrics as well as expensive secure elements with a security solution that was originally designed for government and defense use and provides security from the lowest hardware level.
  • New and innovative algorithms: PATRIOT will design and implement new and innovative algorithms for PUF processing that target smartphones and wearables, where resources for security are limited.
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