• Facts:
    • Project name: Multi-entity-security using active Transmission Technology for improved Handling of Exportable security credentials without privacy restrictions
    • Project acronym: MATTHEW
    • Project Coordinator: Infineon Technologies Austria AG
    • Administrative Supporter: Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH
    • Project start: November 2013
    • Project duration: 3 years

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 610436


Project Partners:


Multi-entity-security using active Transmission Technology for improved Handling of Exportable security credentials without privacy restrictions


Mission of MATTHEW:

The mission of the MATTHEW project is to enable new applications and services on mobile platforms that will overcome the limitation of current passive NFC transmission technologies by active modulation and offer new ways of exchanging roles from one platform to another.



With the increasingly pervasive use in our society of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and many users running several security relevant applications on multiple mobile devices at the same time, security and privacy challenges outranging those on personal computers arise. In the near future, users are expected to move personal roles and identities between mobile platforms. Electronic representations of rights associated with such roles will be mobilized and reside on multiple devices.

These devices could be:
  • nanoSIMs used in smartphones or
  • microSDTM cards used in tablets.

Since these devices are bound to a user, they contain privacysensitive data. The type of data depends on the application the security modules are used for. In order to ensure the privacy of the user, MATTHEW investigates privacy-enhancing technologies and how to integrate them into the “multiple roots of trust”-concept in a way that the exchanged privacy-relevant information is reduced to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, this approach prevents the remaining of sensitive data in a device after the external modules have been unplugged.



The objectives of the MATTHEW project are:
  • the development of novel, privacy-preserving security applications with
  • anonymity and Attribute Based Credentials (ABC);
  • transferable ABC over various mobile platforms like smart phones and tablets using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Introducing active transmission technology for NFC, MATTHEW will overcome the heaviest obstacles in scalability of form factors for NFC antennas, thus facilitating integration of NFCenabled security components in mobile devices.



The MATTHEW consortium is well-positioned to achieve its objectives by bringing together a team of leading industrial and research companies, research-oriented SMEs as well as well respected European universities. These 8 project partners from 4 different countries form a complete chain stretching from basic research and service design, via applied research, up to end-user oriented service providers.
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